Listen to Russell Brand - Say no to vaccine passports.

Russell Brand… here builds a quite eloquent argument on waxxeen pastforts that expands on a bunch of the points that Nay-O-mi Wolf was talking about last week… but in his own particular way... Basically though, he’s pounding pretty hard, without losing his shit - which I expect he would love to do, if only the censors didn’t have his kill switch... and ours.

Any way you might be programmed to regard personal liberty issues, the very idea of waxxeen passforts potentially serves to open up a giant portal into a more prison-like world of much less personal freedom and much greater control by those who already have too much fucking control - the giant tech monopolies and the technocratic state.

If I have been advocating for any one thing this past year, it is this… Do not surrender your individual freedom, or you will NEVER get it back again.

Every week that passes brings us closer to another fork in the road, another critical societal decision point.

Regardless of the choices you have made up till now… It is not too late to change course… It’s freedom or death time folks! Don’t be on the wrong side of this choice... stand with your people against the oligarchy, the tyranny, the corporatocracy, the technocracy, the puppetocracy. Stand up and say NO!

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