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Authentic Relief.

I didn't realize how big they got that year, I mean this year. In this video, Jeremy Griggs talks about how it blew up in a good way in 2018 for him, the founder of Geeks & Gamers. The biggest thing that happened for Jeremy was Star Wars VIII, The Last Jedi, which he was trying to like. People were telling him that he needed to be more authentic, more honest, with himself, as he didn't really like it.

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Eternal Perspective.

He liked what Star Wars as did I, as do I. But as soon as Jeremy started making YouTube videos about how Disney politically messed up the movies, the cartoons, the George Lucas franchise in general, his audience began to grow like never before. The more he talked about the SJW NPC Star Wars disaster, the more people began subscribing, following, commenting, and beyond that, the more they began making their own videos as well. And believe it or not, Disney started responding to the videos by denying the fact that so many people hated Last Jedi to say the least. Why? Because we don't think about the color of somebody's skin in a film, as Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) put it, but rather, we care more about the content of people and especially the content of movies and even YouTube videos.

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