Global Blacklist API 2.0 Released


Over 500% Faster!
Direct Access to Blacklists

What is the Global Blacklist API?

The Global Blacklist API is a service provided by witness @themarkymark. The API enables products and services to query multiple blacklists to reduce spam and abuse.

The API is free to use and is in use by many large projects on Steem like SteemHunt & SteemPress.

What's new?

I worked with owners of the blacklists to receive their lists more efficiently. This allows caching of all the lists locally and handling requests directly without third-party dependencies. Performance improved by at least 500% as a result of this change.

Two additional endpoints added to the API to allow large projects to query large chunks of users efficiently.

The first new endpoint allows you to retrieve an entire blacklist instead of querying a single user at a time.

The last new endpoint allows you to pull all blacklists at once in one query.

Easy access to dynamic blacklists

  • BuildAWhale
  • SteemCleaners
  • Utopian-IO
  • Redeemer
  • MinnowBooster

How to use Global Blacklist API



Method: GET
Description: Query user blacklist status
Sample Response:


Method: GET
Description: Query for Specific Blacklist
Sample Response:
[Full buildawhale blacklist]


Method: GET
Description: Query for All Unique Blacklisted Users
Sample Response:
[All users blacklisted across all blacklists]


As a user of the Global Blacklist API, you can choose which blacklists you want to subscribe to. As other blacklists are added you only need to update your blacklist choices. I recommend using a configuration parameter that allows you to easily specify what lists you want to look for, or just check if the user is on any blacklist.

Future Improvements: Whitelisting

I will be releasing a whitelist version of this API to expose whitelists across multiple projects on the Steem blockchain. If you maintain a whitelist for your project or service, please contact me so we can discuss making your whitelist available.


The Global Blacklist API is completely free to use for any Steem project. No fees will be charged for its use.


If you maintain a blacklist, please contact me on or Discord to be added. There are no fees to be listed.

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