Release of Vue CLI plugin generate Vue Project for Chrome Extension


Start a chrome extension project with Vue-CLI with ease! Simply create a project with vue create test-project and then once is all setup run vue add chrome-ext and you have a chrome extension that works with Vue.js!

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About this Projects

  • What is the project about?
    • This project is hosted on Github and NPM, where it will generate manifest.json, popup.html and options.html for chrome extension.
    • It support Typescript as well.
  • Technology Stack
    Node.js, Webpack, Vue.js

  • Roadmap

    • Add background script.
    • Make options to generate certain files. (popup, background, etc)
    • Move over with this template where testing is all setup.
    • Add better testing instead of using sh file.
    • Clean up src and public file (currently needed to be done manually).
    • Support class-style component syntax for the template
  • How to contribute?

Project is hosted on GitHub, feel free to send in Pull Request and file Issues.


  • What feature(s) did you add?

    • Generate manifest.json
    • Generate popup.html
    • Generate options.html
    • Emit file out for the command npm run build-watch
    • Support TypeScript (only generated with vue add typescript)
  • How did you implement it/them?

For this to work, it basically just modify 3 files:

GitHub Account

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