Icon Inspired by the First Game MMORPG based on the Blockchain of Steem- STEEMPUNK

Steempunk Icon.jpg

Hello dear friends readers, in this opportunity I have created an icon in adobe photoshop inspired by the first game MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) created from the direct integration with the Blockchain of Steem.

This new browser game combines the steem blockchain technology with a multiplayer game that aims to increase the social interaction of users in the steemit.com community.

Through this integration the steemit users will be able to carry out fights, magic spells against other users, collect items and at the same time earn STEEM cryptographic coins, all under the steemit ecosystem.

In this link you can have much more information about the game, which is already doing its tests through its closed beta, in addition, I invite you to follow @steempunknet and @jedigeiss to be informed of all the news and events that are to come.

Finished this little introduction of the game, let's start with the editing process for the creation of the Steempunk Icon. The creative content was created in Adobe photoshop with the help of the editing tools of the application, and several vectorized images were integrated, which gave life to this composition.

The process begins by adding a Pattern Overlay using a rusty metal texture, to give that steampunk look to the image. Then, the other vectors, the logo and the texts were integrated, using several image fusion options tools and parallel shadow effects, Bevel and relief, Texture. The original image has a size of 800x800 pixels, and has a PNG format.

Next, I show you some screenshots of the editing process.

Capture 1.png


Capture 2.png

Capture 3.png

Capture 4.png

Capture 6.png

Vectorized images used in Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator 1.png

Illustrator 2.png

Completed work


The images used to create the icon were downloaded from freepik.com and the logo is located on this link. Below I share with you the original file where the work was done and also the icon in .ico and png format with resolutions of 128x128 and 256x256 respectively, so you can use it on your computer more easily.

Original PSD File: Here

PNG icon 256x256: Here

Icon in .ico format 128x128: Here

Vector images: 1 2 3

Thank you very much everyone for appreciating my work, we will see you in a next occasion in which I will be making more contributions to these amazing projects.

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