Joke Inside... USA vs China + Iran



please don't forget who runs childrape island... and it's not china (ccp) nor iran (ircg and mullahs) but those who took over the usa and seek to dominate the world by running child rape islands, gmos toxic food, forced vaccinations and on and on... and that the american people and soliders are victims who may have to be die to remove the cleptochildraping aristocracy... sadly.

but that's refreshing the tree of liberty... with the blood of those who cut it to build epstein resort(s).

I like this little personal creation as it explains quite simply the situation... at one point it's clear that this pedogate, 911gate, ussliberty gate, gmogate, emfgate, forcedvaccinationgate, adhdgate etc will have to resolved, be it by the victors against the american forces.

and that's what I find ultimately completly suicidal, why do the cia / fbi / doj / dod destroy intentionally the us population (the main core to foster a little so called elite for them to live in mcmansion) while they face 200'000'000 chinese students who all are little precious "demons" :).

I mean it's completely stupid to destroy 95% of the american students to foster hedges for the little children of the american ruling class, while it makes the whole just a prey to the world... that's so sad... and worst those 95& did nothing wrong, they just trusted the gov... gmo corn is safe etc... sad... what a betrayal... but will the americans ever realized they got fucked and that trump beyond pedogate really tries to maga, but fails to understand that without solving pedogate maga will be build on swamp of quick sand... a pit of perdition... anyway... sad sad sad...

the ideals... even died in california...

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