American Revolution Looks Like This

We Knew. We Know.

People knew of the FBI corruption in the early 2010's. Imagine what would happen if people went up against deep state, globalist, centralized, corporate, tyranny? It would look like this. Globalists call us deplorable, racist, & Russian.

Scary Control Freaks

Control freaks are trying to stop Trump, Alex Jones, Tommy Robinson, independent media alternatives, and you are next. After the cancer spreads, then it spreads onto you and your children. Together, we take them down but only as we stay active in knowing about Agenda 2030 for example.

Are you game?

American Revolution Looks Like This

By Joey Arnold

Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Written in July of 2018

2018-07-18 Wednesday 10:38 AM LMS - American Revolution Looks Like This
Published at 10:43 AM

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