People Need To Boycott Corporations Who Don't Serve Their Interests

I'm pretty in favor of boycotts when corporations decide to advocate for things that go against my beliefs. As an example, if a corporation supports the restrictions of cannabis, I tend to shy away from their services/goods. These days a lot of people just continue supporting businesses without a care in the world.

Yet, those on the radical left have been mobilizing and using social media to do "hit jobs" on people by trying to get them cancelled. They are efficient at this because mainstream corporate hacks will bow down easily to the poor mob. Who really has the power though? I tend to argue that the right-wing tend to have more money and more influence on corporations than the left-wing, especially when it comes to the common man. The right-wing is more likely to own property, have more money, or at the very least generally have more wealth than the left-wing yet we don't necessarily use our power that much in the form of boycotts. I don't believe we should cancel individuals, but instead ensure that their employers lose money.

I think the right needs to finally stand up for their rights and stand up for their allies by supporting their businesses (and local businesses) instead of multi-national corporations who have done NOTHING but tear down our values and belittle us for being conservatives, libertarians and right-wingers in general.

We've got to support our own interests, and reject the left in every possible way if we think we can have a shot at succeeding in this culture war.

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