Budget deficit hits new high and the media doesn't really care

I want us to go back to a few years ago (you might recall them) where a guy with a particular shade of skin color and weird hair was in office and how anything that happened, whether directly or indirectly could be attributed to him and the media was all over his ass because of it. Some of the things didn't even have anything to do with him but somehow it was his fault.

Now we find ourselves in a worse budget problem situation than we have been in since World War 2 - which is understandable that a bunch has to be spent during a time of a world-wide war - and the media has either been making excuses for the current administration, making puff-piece articles about it, or simply not talking about it at all.

This lack of scrutiny has everything to do with who the person in the White House is right now, and nothing to do with the actual situation.


I have always found it to be extremely stupid that the United States would continually spend much more money than they actually take in and I haven't bothered to look into how it is even possible. Other countries are incapable of doing this but the United States just seems to spend spend spend without considering the eventual consequences, whatever they might be.

I disagree with ever spending more than you have, especially when we start talking about astronomical numbers like $20 trillion dollars. If you racked up that sort of debt (in scale, obviously not trillions of dollars) someone would put you in jail, but the US just does it year after year after year.

We have to go back to the 1930's to see a time where the United States wasn't spending more money than it took in and to me that is just ridiculous. I realize that it is just "par for the course at this point" but my issue is the fact that the media isn't making a big deal about the fact that in 2021, we are scheduled to have the single largest deficit year in a very long time.

When this was happening under Orange Man Bad times, the media was talking about it around the clock, but now that Biden is at the helm, they are barely talking about it at all or trying to blame it exclusively on Trump or even better on Covid. We need to keep in mind that Covid didn't just get here and Trump was dealing with those same issues and did so for a longer period of time than Biden has been - yet the scrutiny simply isn't there.

It's ok if one of these guys does it, but not ok if the other one does

I'm a Libertarian and as such, I believe that we should only spend as much money as we have, even if some people have to suffer as a consequence. That might sound a bit callous, but when those times come we have to depend on charity and benevolence of others... not the government. The main reason why I believe this is because I think that the government can and will do just about anything in the most expensive, incompetent, and inefficient way imaginable. The reason for this is because there are no consequences if they get it wrong.... and they always get it wrong.

A big part of the reason why we are looking at at deficit that is up nearly 50% from the 6 month time period is because of a stimulus package that totals $2 trillion on its own. Whether or not I, or you, or anyone thinks that this stimulus package is necessary or not isn't the point I am trying to make. The point I am trying to make is that if they guy with the floppy hair was in office, the media would be ripping him apart around the clock, day in and day out. Instead, we have anchors playing defense for the guy and talking about how it is "necessary."

This double-standard isn't new I know... at this point we shouldn't be surprised by it at all and hopefully everyone out there is smart enough to see that if you have a particular news station of choice that aligns with your political ideals, there is a very good chance that they are lying to do you all the time.

I don't know exactly when deficit spending started happening, but it would be nice to see a politician suggest that maybe, just maybe, we should attempt to scale this thing back a bit. Of course that politician wouldn't get elected again because any efforts to take away the "free stuff" would not resonate with the public very well.

I disagree with spending more than what we have all the time, but this media bias is just maddening. I don't know many people that trust the media anymore and hopefully you don't either. Biden will not be raked over the coals on this one but if Trump was still President, you can be assured that he definitely would.

For the record, I declined my stimulus check... tried my best to I should say, but they sent it to me anyway.

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