I updated the list of fans for automaticlly upvoting them.

Hi friends!

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Past week had been very busy for me. I could get time to come on Hive after a long gap. I could not neither create a post nor could I comment on other users' posts.

I personally like automatic upvoting as it saves our time and also helps our fans who are creating quality posts. Automatic upvoting also ensures that we have a good chance to get some curation reward. That's why I updated the list of my fanbase on hive.vote which is an automatic voting tool on Hive platform. I could only update a few because of slow processing within this tool. Developer @mahdiyari has done a great job by creating such a great tool. However, it needs to be changed a bit. I had to change every setting like voting weight, periodicity of posts, daily limit, weekly limit one by one. There should be the option of putting the values in the respective choices and then updating them all with just a click of the mouse.
I am trying to include as much as users possible. I'll include other fans it as soon as I'll find the time to do so. Till then enjoy your journey of blogging.

Have a great time.

Love from @erica005.

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