Ulog 41: (Not) Talking Enough About Food

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Fitinfunfood is 10 weeks old now and here is an update on the progress for my new steem blog. I am happy with how things are going and want to do better.

I have all things food over there and it has helped me a lot to be able to carry on here at fitinfun. Because one thing I know for sure, is that I do not like talking about food!

Having a separate blog for food means I have no choice but to post about it. When I was doing food over here, it could always slip in my priorities, and then it would never happen at all.

So lets start with some number and stats.

Steemnow thinks I am almost a minnow.

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But my wallet tells the truth

I am using delegated sp for most of my power. Even so, I have over 100 sp of my own now. Not too shabby for a 10 week old account!
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I'm getting good curation rewards with my one cent vote

This is because I am voting in the best way I know how to make sure curation rewards come in. I vote with @steemdunk for the most part and vote at 11-13 minutes for people I believe in. This includes @fitinfun and my son's account @bxlphabet.

I will soon do another post describing my autovoting methods. Some people do not like autovoting, but I love the idea. It takes a lot of stress off of me and I can support people I care about. Win-win!
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Steemitboard shows good consistency.

I'm posting 1-2 times a day and would prefer to post 3 times. I have autovoters voting for me, and if I do not post, I do not get the votes.

I have posted about 9 posts a week. I would like to see that number above 14. I'm happy having posted 500 comments, but would like to do better there as well.

But I am only one person, even if I do have two blogs.
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I need more followers!

I am doing what I can to get more followers, but this is a slow road. Since I post using busy, the more followers, the better that vote. So I am following active food related accounts and also those who follow fitinfun or bxlphabet too.
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Posting about food

I do not like to talk about food! Did I already say this?

  • I need to post more in general.
  • I need to find more food contests.
  • I need to be more positive about food.
  • I need to take more photos of food.
  • I need to get my food writing posted.

The last point is about two (2!) food books I have already written that reside in my hard drive now. I feel like I could start posting excerpts of those and it would do me good in many ways. I could:

  • give food information without too much new effort
  • proofread my books
  • maybe even get them ready to publish!

I'm posting with the ulogs dapp today and using the untalented tag sponsored by @surpassinggoogle. Isn't so nice to have a good tag when you need it?

= =

Minnow tips!

Here is my latest minnow tips post if you struggle here at steem.

These tips can help you even if you are not new.
Monday Minnow Tips for Everyone from @fitinfun

Contents of the Above Post

What should I do EACH DAY on STEEM with low power?

What to do with your STEEM

Are you shooting blanks with your votes?

Should you use an autovoter?

Join qurator

Do not post to nowhere

Why bother to comment?

How and Why to use kryptonia

How to get Upvotes

For Twitter Users

How and Why to lease delegated sp

Curation Trails

Using Discord

Please Help Me Keep Helping at STEEM

Please follow my blogs:

@bxlphabet is my son's blog, and I am so grateful he has returned.

We all post on Busy most days, where their upvote for us is based on the collective SP of our followers. We follow back, because we love you.

Put my blogs on your curation trail


This is the power of STEEM.

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Statistics say that only 5% of people with health resolutions for the New Year will still be on track after Super Bowl Sunday. Is your fitness equipment still out handy, and are you still on a "diet?" Soon we will be in Bathing Suit Season. Are you ready?

I lost "Half My Size" eight years ago by using natural methods. I started on December 5th and did not give up. You can do it too!

This is Sharon @fitinfun. I am posting:

  • Healthy Food Ideas on @fitinfunfood

  • Motivation Minnow Tips and Everything Else on @fitinfun

  • @bxlphabet is posting Southern California, steemmonsters and dtube videos.

Please follow along or contact me directly if you would like some individual help with weight loss and health. Anyone can do this if I did.

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