It's All About Positive And Surprises

The Dreemport Challenge in collaboration with Ecency went well and for two weeks, I was able to join. I was surprised upon seeing the Ecency points sent by @Dreemsteem as a reward for participating in the challenjges. It was indeed a two-week full of fun and giving. I met new people and read different stories.

For this week difficult but worthy task, Dreemie collab with @snook and set unlazycontest. It's kind've late doing this task, but I do love the questions so I made this, lol.

Will this make me not lazy after? 🤣

Reintroducing ourselves is quite hard, especially if readers really know about us already. They might find it boring reading the same thing all over again. But this challenge is all about POSITIVE. Do I even have positivity in me? Haha.

Image from Unsplash by Tim Mossholder

The first impression that people say about me is "I look snobby and strict." That's the main reason why I didn't pursue education even though it was one of my dreams when I was a kid because I might just look even stricter when teaching naughty students, lol. But wait, it's not positive, lol.

I'm a person who chooses genuine people to befriend and not just random ones. I only have a few real ones, but they are worth keeping. I may look snobby and strict, but little did you know that I can be bubbly and crazy too like you, haha. And if you bring me to a beautiful place, I can be the happiest 😊, and beautiful smiles would come out genuinely.

Don't mind the eye bags, they are fruits of blogging 🤣

I may be loveless, but my heart is big, not in size, but in giving love. I'm working, not just for myself, but more likely for other people. I don't actually care if I'll be penniless, for as long as my loved ones are safe and not starving, that's for me, a great achievement.

Some things are heavy to bear and oftentimes I get burnt out. Some people would turn me down, and some would stab my back. Challenges are inevitable but one thing is certain, giving up is not my forte. That's probably the most positive trait of mine. I've been through a lot of storms in life, but I'm fully determined to find my way out of them and I don't let the darkness or an antagonist cover my way to my ideal destination.

I guess that's enough about something positive about me 😅.

@Snook gives a set of questions that we need to answer. So even if this is a late entry, I still made this because I like the topic, haha. So pardon me Dreemie for being late.

a. Where are you the happiest?

I mentioned above that I can be the happiest if you bring me to a beautiful place. It can be at the mountain, beach, museum, skyscrapers, or anywhere beautiful. But nothing can be as happiest as being at home. Recently, we had a new family member, my niece from my little sister. I hated this little sister before because of getting pregnant at an early age, but blood is still thicker than water. When they sent me the photo of my new niece, I felt so happy and it seemed like all my worries and hatred were gone. I guess that's a magical effect of babies 😊. So at home, I feel genuinely happy.

b. What positive traits can you bring to a team?

Working in a team is a challenging one because everyone should participate to successfully do the given task. The positive traits that I can contribute to a team are being hardworking, responsible, and compliant. I don't like abandoning tasks and I'm always finding ways to finish them as early as I can, regardless of their difficulty.

I am reliable, that even your secret is safe with me, lol. I can even keep it forever. But the most important trait I guess is being a good listener and follower. What's the point of a team if members aren't listening and following right? There will be no success.

c. What is something positive about you that some might see as negative?

I'm a person who likes to motivate and inspire others through my work. But negative people can't really be eradicated from this world and even if I do good things to them, they'll just call me "showing off, bragging, attention-maker, etc."

Have you ever experienced helping people, but as you turn your back, they just stab you? And if you refuse to help, they will stab you more? Hurting, isn't it? And what's more hurting is, when those who stab you are the people whom you thought are your friends.

I experienced it too in the virtual world. So sometimes, I rather not say anything or give an opinion. I rather not lend a helping hand or do anything. Because even if I don't do wrong, they will always comment negatively about my actions. So I rather stay under the radar and live outside other people's heads.

And being too kind isn't a positive trait. It can be abused or misunderstood, especially by narrow-minded people.


d. What has been/is your favorite positive surprise about Hive?

I never thought Hive is a place full of surprises. One second you are just interacting, the next second you'll receive a message saying that you got a new reward, not just one, but more. Motivating, isn't it? I thought Hive is just one platform, but as I stay longer, there are actually more front-ends that offer more opportunities, fun, and surprises.

And my favorite is the never-ending challenges and you'll definitely be surprised by mind-cracking topics, prompts, questions, and of course, the awesome responses of the writers. There isn't writer's block when you are on Hive. It makes your mind work 24/7. And the best part is when a whale spotted my work or my content is featured in one of the best communities. Even you will certainly be on cloud nine.

That's all for today. And hoping that I could continue this week's challenge until Friday. I should stay positive and believe in myself, haha.

Thanks for reading guys. And see you on Dreemport 😊.

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