Trending page on Hive voting circles and gangs

It's Wednesday 15 March On Hive, there's a lot of fun to be had! the problem is You can find the same people day after day on the trending page on Hive, and no matter what they post, it's always a good time for them!

On Hive, there are so many voting circles and gangs who actively play the system, the Auto-voting trails are out of control, not a good look!

On Hive, day after day the same people are earning while others don't get a look in. That's not okay, because there are plenty of good content creators who don't even make $1 dollar a post, and they're still posting day after day! Hive has a long way to go to be truly decentralized and fair.

On Hive, the big problem comes down to the people with the most power who don't support others, not in the gang. and those who abuse their power that's not okay, the top powerful Hive users continue to abuse the Hive rewards pool day after fucking day!

On Hive, so many people are promoting something that looks like a slow rug pool hope it ends well for all involved.

On Hive, people are scared to talk up and stand up, it's not okay, because everyone should be welcome to share their thoughts and feelings without fear of being downvoted and abused!

On Hive, there are so many people hiding behind a fake profile picture and abusing people.

Hive's technology is good, and it's getting better Hive has a long way to go in price and adoption

On Hive, the people who are earning and doing well can see nothing wrong.

On Hive, there is still vote buying and selling happening right in front of our eyes, but that's not okay because we got rid of Bid bots or did we?

On Hive, the people who pretend to help are actually the worst, and we ask you all to review who you are voting for, witness, and review who you are delegating to. Take a look and see how they are using the power you delegated to them.

On Hive, beneficiary rewards are being abused that's not okay.

At Bilpcoin, we had problems with hundreds of spammers and farmers, Some of these spammers and farmers are still on Hive doing the same thing, some are even curators now, and some of them you can see on the trending page day in and day out, that's not right, because everyone should get a chance to be on the trending page.

On Hive, let's stomp out the voting circles and gangs and share the Hive rewards pool with the whole community instead of just a few! People need to stop promoting things that look like a slow rug pool even if they are part of Hive as it could mess up the rest of Hive's repetition, and the downvote abuse is out of control it needs to stop before people start getting hurt in real it's going to get out of hand soon, Let's talk up stand up be counted, show our true selves, and again we must all review who we are voting for, witness, and delegating to. Share your thoughts and feelings about this post and express yourself

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