Hive is meant to be decentralized but it's not It's controlled by a few people

Hive is meant to be decentralized, but it's not! It's controlled by a few people who make all the decisions, and it's a total sham! Hive Police are corrupting Hive Hivewatcher, Hivewatchers, Spaminator, Guiltyparties, and Patrice. These accounts are the main reason why no one will ever take Hive seriously!

How can you call something decentralized when certain people and groups get supported over and over again, no matter what they post? It doesn't make sense! Top witnesses are farming the most and liking their alt accounts, and they only support their friends with likes. This is not decentralized!

Hive could never compete with Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Hive will never get mass adoption until things change a whole lot! Certain people are making 10$ to 50$ on comments and more on posts, while some get downvoted on posts that have less than 20$ or even less than 1$ dollars. And sometimes the downvoter leaves a comment saying it is overrewarded, even some saying you couldn't earn that in your country. That's just wrong!

Hive is meant to be for everyone, but it's clearly not. Witnesses are self-voting their alt accounts daily, but no one else can do the same. Only the chosen ones! We found out there are still users selling their votes. You can take a look around and you will find out for yourself what is really going down on Hive.

We are calling out all the corrupt people on Hive! The truth is You have no real power in the real world, and no one in the real world really cares about Hive. Most on Hive are just farming rewards, they post where they make the most. It will be hard for Hive to ever go large, and if it did, the price would tumble fast as most would just sell everything they make as they do now.

So we are asking all of you to review who you are supporting on Hive. I'm pretty sure you won't support most people who you support now. On Hive, the trending page never changes, the same faces day in and day out. On Hive, the power has gone to certain people's heads, but they have no power in the real world. No one in the real world cares about Hive and that's the truth

It's time to take Hive seriously! Let's make it happen!

We do not want to be falsely accused at Bilpcoin so we will expose the real spammers and farmers on Hive

We value honesty Bilpcoin

Abuse of power hive

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