Buy our Nfts with bpc

So we are now happy to announce you can now buy our NFTs with the BPC token
You will need an account you can sign up

All NFTs are 20% off when buying with the BPC

So this is how it works first you contact our buy nfts with bpc discord channel let us know which NFT you are interested in next send us an address we can send a test NFT to

We will send a free test NFT to you once you successfully sent follow the next step

Now to buy our NFTs with BPC you will need enough BPC tokens in USD value

Send BPC token along with memo of the name of the NFT you would like

Send a message to our buy nfts with BPC discord channel please attach the address you would the NFT to be sent to and that's it


Learn how to sign up

You will need to learn this to hive keychain

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