Ulog #13: When Mr. Serious Lets It Out In The Photobooth


After yesterday's wedding event that we've attended, only this morning that I was able to sort things out - I mean, all the things from the occasion. From the pictures, the souvenirs, the dirty laundry et cetera, et cetera.

From inside my bag, I got the photobooth printout that immediately made me smile. Alas! my very serious husband has really put up some very interesting poses in some of the snaps!

To tell you honestly, my better half is an introvert who is totally the opposite of me. He's the type who gets peeved with too much socializing with people he barely know. But despite the presence of other guests lining up for the booth, I must admit, it was such a surprise for me. Hahaha! Well, to be fair, he's crazy and funny at times but without the crowd. And hey, he's not drunk, alright - he doesn't drink and smoke so he's totally sober when he did it.

Well, here are his crazy poses:

Except for this:

Oh well, it's really true that married life has so many surprises along the way. I just love this man so much.

We've been married for 7 years and definitely he'll pull off some more surprises for me in the future. Oh boy! This weird guy! 😂😂😂


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