Ulog #12: Weddings Are Beautiful

Hi Steemians!

Today, I've witnessed love being perpetuated by marriage. I've been a part of the special occasion as a principal sponsor together with my husband. I know, we maybe too young to be their 'ninang' and 'ninong' but we are also honored that the couple believe in us that we could help them get through their new endeavor as husband and wife.

The groom is my cousin's son and the event also became as a mini family reunion. Also, my daughter serves as their flower girl.

Well, weddings are really an emotional moment for me. Why? Because it's a moment of semi-goodbyes, hellos, new beginnings and more. There are semi-goodbyes to the families of the couple for they are going to build their own life as husband and wife. It's where you'll witness how a father is going to entrust his daughter to the right man and how a mother will let go of a son she loves most to the right woman. A never ending cycle of love.

Weddings are just so special in my heart. But wedding is just one day... marriage is a different story. Well, I just wish Derrick and Farrah all the best!


The jARN Family


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