Ulog #11: Of Wearing Heels and New Business Venture

Hi there, Steemians!

Today, I had a quite hectic day but most of my time were spent for self pampering.

In the morning, we opened a huge bundle of second hand clothings from Korea that we are going to sell. This will be an additional source of income for me. I've posted some of it on Facebook and the feedback has been good, so far!

At noon, I've visited one of my bakery branches and delivered some breads to my friend's mini-grocery. After that, I went straight to the mall and had a relaxing facial treatment for about 2 hours. Right after, I've bought a pair of nice shoe with heels that I'm going to use on a relative's wedding day.

In all honesty, I don't like to wear these kinds of footwear but because of these sort of events, I have to. I must. Sigh!

Here it is, I hope it looks good on me:

Next is the dress. Dress hunting in the next few days! Wish me luck!


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