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(Author: Teacher Mark)


Within minutes of being in India you’ll realize that horns are the worst invention in human history. The horns are so incredibly loud it’s unreal. They’re not just loud, they’re shrill. The rickshaws and motorbikes time their honks in a certain way to send the shrillest possible soundwave piercing through your eardrum and into your soul.


If I had to pick one thing to define the Indian culture, it would be horns. As I said about China, every culture has something that cannot be altered. In India, it’s horns. A driver once told me, “As Indians, it’s our national right to honk.” Apparently it’s a right they like to exercise every few seconds! In the West we honk for a reason. Indians honk for the sake of honking. On the back of all the vehicles here it says, “Blow Horn”. Everybody loves the sound of horns…except me…and the government. The government has wasted so much money putting up no-honk signs; it’s ridiculous!


Why make a law if you’re not going to enforce it? I truly believe the only way to stop horns in India is to give the police a “kill on sight” order for anyone caught honking. Even then, thousands would have to die before society kicked the habit.


Traffic in India is insane. It’s the most chaotic thing you’ll ever experience in your life. When you’re stuck in the back of a rickshaw in the middle of a traffic jam, all you can breathe is the thick black exhaust billowing into your face from the bus beside you. Oxygen isn’t an option in India. You only have two choices - black exhaust or grey exhaust. Take your pick. It’s worse than any other country on the tourist track. China gets all the flack from western media, but trust me, India is a million times worse.



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