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Some bad guy : " this is robbery!"
Mark : " what do you want?"
Bad guy: " I want to take the most dear you have!"
Mark: " take my money, take my house, take my car, don't take my soul!"
Bad guy: " I don't need your money, I don't need your house, I don't need your car!"
Mark: " but what do you want??"
Bad guy: "YOUR MUSTACHE!!!!"

(By the way, the most famous and valuable mustache!)








Hallöchen, Mark!!! How's my favorite hero doing today???

My homework: I'd like to eat nine good-smelling, scrumptiously-looking large-sized freshly-made round-shaped golden-brown-baked Canadian chocolate chunk cookies in Germany right now!!!

😁😁😁 I was wondering what the worst thing you ever had to eat was???

🤔🤔🤔 I mean, I've already seen you eating a scorpion and a cricket!!! I did hold my breath while you were eating them and it was only when you had finished that I realized I had even held it!!! To say nothing of the goosebumps!!!

Oddly enough, every time I thought to myself: "WOW, not even Mr. Putin would've highly likely been able to do so!!!

Anyway!!! I started watching this lesson at a quarter to five in the morning and it didn't take long for me to realize that I would've to totally focus on this topic this time!!!

Firstly, I jotted down your sample-sentence in order to learn it by heart later on!!! By now I've always arranged adverbs by the following order: Number, size, colour, origin - followed by place and time at the end of the sentence!!!

Anything else I would put somewhere in between!!! 555!!!😁😁😁 (Four huge green German dogs!!!🐕) Well, so far so good!!!

BTW: As I see it, the dogs in your pic aren't Bulgarien dogs at all!!! Since they rather look like fair Labradors, they are Canadians, I suppose!!! I may be wrong though!!!😉😉😉😁😁😁

Your-joke-of-the-day!!! You know you're German when you eat "Mirror-eggs" for breakfast!!! ("Mirror-eggs/Spiegeleier"=fried eggs 🍳🍳🍳)!!! Thanks for this most useful lesson!!! I really learned a lot from you today!!!

Yup!!! Further lessons of this kind would be great!!!🙏🙏🙏 Have a wonderful day in Calgary!!! Pass gut auf dich auf, mein Freund!!! (Take care, my friend!!!) 😎🇨🇦🇩🇪🙋‍♀️

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