#ULOG 015: Enjoying Avocado Graham Float w/ chocolate syrup (with fun brain teaser)

Brain Teaser 02

My grandma is about 60 yrs old. The year she was born, when turned upside down is still the same. What year was my grandma born?

(Answer at the end of the blog 😊)

Healthy Graham Float! 🥑🥑


Today I enjoyed an Avocado Graham Float. It is a non bake refrigerator cake dessert perfect for hot summers, packed with healthy fats and other nutrients. Sadly I forgot to take pictures along the way so I'm just gonna narrate how I made mine.

All Purpose Cream
Condense Milk
Graham crackers
Heavy Whipped Cream(optional)
A container tub with a lid

How to make:
Making this nutritious dessert requires no special skills at culinary arts. Its as easy as A, B, C and can be prepared in about three steps. Of course, you can prepare this in any way you like.

First, combine the all purpose cream, condense milk and whipped cream. Whipped cream is optional because I only wanted to add it because I want my graham float to have a fluffy cream inside. Next, crush the graham crakers. You can choose whether you want to crush all the crackers. I prefer to crush all of it. (...because I like to crush all of your dreams bwhahaha lol).
The benefits of using the crushed crackers instead of the whole is that when you refrigerate your graham float, the grahams won't harden that much. It makes it easier to cut through and eat it. I do not have a proper ratio for the cream, condense milk and whipped cream though. I just prepared it according to my taste lol. Slice one of your avocados for your fillings and toppings.

Second is making the layers. On your container tub, the first layer is the crushed graham crackers, then the cream. Now put on your sliced avocados. Put it on an oderly fashion so that your avocado slices are spread evenly. Then repeat everything as much as you desire in this order:
Crushed Crackers ➡ Cream ➡ Sliced Avocados

Lastly, cover your tub and put it on your refrigerator to chill for about a few hours. Then you can enjoy your no bake ref cake!
And since I'm not really a fan of avocados (don't hate me please, I just don't like the taste and I really don't know why), I put on some chocolate syrup 😂

Now onto the brain teaser. Do have an answer in mind? Well, the answer is...


Try turning the number 1961 upside down! And it is still the same! Did you guess the right answer or not? Tell me in the comments whether you got it or not. I would love to hear about what you thought the answer was and how much fun you had thinking about it 😊

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