Nate Diaz is Becoming a Bigger and Bigger Star - Whose Next?


Nate Diaz got schooled for four rounds but then almost pulls it out in the fifth. The only things that are being talked about is how Nate almost won, and that Leon is not ready for Usman.

The two things that pushed Nate over the top were him lighting up joints at the pressers and him inviting Leon Edwards to his after party.

Nate has big money fights ahead of him. He could fight either Conor, Jorge again. It was interesting that Demian Maia wanted to fight Nate for his last fight but that is probably not going to happen. It would be interesting to see him against Colby for all of the pre-fight antics or Khamzat. The fight against Colby would be a money fight but Khamzat would not.

There are more interesting fights for Nate at Lightweight. He could fight Justin Gaethje, Tony Ferguson, or Michael Chandler. He also has Charles Oliveria and Dustin Poirier but those two fights would probably not happen unless Nate pulls off some wins.

Whatever fight Nate gets he is going to make bank and be the talk of the card.

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