The power of gratitude


You know, recently I've been reading a lot about happiness. There are a lot of people who learn this amazing state of mind.
There are even kind of a set of habits which might make you a bit happier. Actually the more such habits you have, the happier you are.


One of such activities is writing down the things which are grateful for.

It must be a new beautiful notebook, which you really like.
When your day is close to its end, sit down in a quiet place and think about everything that happened this day.


Either it is something really great and important or just simple everyday detail you finally noticed.
The bright colour of your spouse's eyes, the unique sound of your door closing, the feeling you get watching something you like...


It might be difficult for someone in the very beginning, because we are simply not used to paying attention to this.
But if you do make it your habit, you will notice how much positive and beautiful things you have around.

πŸ’Share a smile and keep yourself happy!πŸ’

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