Twitter's Ban List Grows! Conservative Street Artist "Sabo" Banned From Twitter! Do All Conservatives Go To Twitter Heaven?

Do all conservatives go to Twitter heaven?...

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Apparently so! Sabo, the only conservative street artist that I am aware of, used the account name @UnsavoryAgent on Twitter and was banned from the platform last Friday. Sabo spoke to Breitbart saying:

“Was not told why or for how long. I just saw I no longer have my 32,000 followers and I’m no longer following anybody,” claimed Sabo in an email to Breitbart Tech. “They want nothing less than to completely destroy us on the Right.”

I follow Sabo on 'gab', a platform that is focused on protecting people's free speech with a great/interactive community which I strongly urge you to check out @, and this is some of what he's said:


Sabo is a special inspiration of mine, a hero in my eyes... I grew up with a love for street artists like Banksy and the MSK crew but as I've grown up, I've become more conservative and could see the nihilistic and liberal nature of graffiti culture... I felt that these two loves could not be reconciled til I saw the work Sabo, the legend! He makes very BEAUTIFUL, CLEAN, PRECISE, HARD HITTING, THOUGHT PROVOKING, HILARIOUS, and POWERFUL ART... :





Please, check him out at, he's been prolific over the years so there are many photos of his works..

Twitter doubles down on their shadowban campaign...


Just to keep everyone updated on the censorship of conservatives by compiling a little list of those banned so far. This isn't about your political ideology, this is about the freedom to speak freely which essential for the freedom of thought. It's about the media controlling the information you see or don't...

Milo Yiannopoulis, banned 7/19/16

Roger Stone, banned 10/28/17

David Seaman, banned 12/13/17

Tommy Robinson, banned 3/28/18

Sabo, banned 4/13/18

And if missed any influential ones please let me know below or any other thoughts or opinions you might have! Thank you! Greatly appreciate ya'll stopping by and reading!

Still unconvinced that Twitter is shadowbanning conservative thought? ...

Then watch this piece by the good people at James O'Keefe's Project Veritas in which he exposes employees plainly stating how they censor "Trump supporters", "rednecks", people referring to "God, guns" and conservative thought in general...


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