Ghosted Means Stood Up

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High school can be tough.

We try to hang with the cool kids. Speaking of that, my nickname in high school was The Cool Kid. However, some called me Four Eyes. In that Fuller House show on Netflix in season 4, episode 4, Ramona was trying to hang with the cool cheerleader girls.

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Emulating Entertainment

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They ghosted her or stood her up.

They tagged her in Instagram photos which she wasn't in. They would invite her to a restaurant, have her wait for so many minutes but then never show up and go off to the cinema and then show up later. Kimmy went to confront those mean girls and they fake apologized her into paying for their food. She walked away, but Stephanie was secretly spying on them behind some newspapers she was reading, a table over. She did her homework on those 4 girls. She exposed the leader of the group on how she mocked the other girls behind their back. At the beginning of this episode, Steph walked into the kitchen & said, "Did you know we had a dryer back there?" Back to the confrontation, Steph hinted that the head girl might have graduated with her, meaning she might be way too old to be in high school. Steph gave the skinny girl some fries which looked delicious. The head girl was afraid that Ramona would become more popular than her, but she smirked, "I have everything she (Ramona) has," Steph interjects, "Except a kind heart." As Steph walked away, the black waitress complimented Steph for standing up to the bullies, "Wow, I wish my mom would do business for me like that."

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What Is Love?

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Steph sighed, "I'm not Ramona's mom."

The waitress smile, "Well, whoever' mom you are is one lucky kid." In this episode, Steph was worried as her kids party performance bombed. She was feeling that kids didn't like her. The problem was that she was going out of character. Kimmy took a selfie with Ramona, her daughter, and grinned, "DJ is going to be so Jelly," AKA jealous. Steve & DJ had a 2 week anniversary & Kimmy & her ex got them sucked into a bigger and better gift giving contest where they give each other bigger contests back and forth until the very end where Steve shows DJ the first letter she ever wrote him from 20 years earlier, way back from high school, and that was so much more sentimental, from the heart, than all the crazy giant presents they gave each other that episode. Kimmy, not to be confused with Jimmy Kimmel, was surprised. My favorite of this episode is the compliment the waitress gave Stephanie. Priceless. Still sad that Mary Kate & Ashley are not around.

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Ghosted Means Stood Up

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