Fuller House 410

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Beautiful History.

Jesse shines in this episode like a Gay Jesus getting hit by a bus at the end of a classic YouTube video that might have gotten me banned off the Theology Online forum website in 2011. Just kidding about the bus part. Jesse was old school. In a previous episode, he was with mothers who began hitting on him. But now, you see him with a group of younger fathers. One even talked about this parenting app that took the parenting out of the parenting. He also was against sugar but was not against things that are much worse than sugar. DJ parented the parent, Jesse, and set him straight. So, she said, "Have mercy." So he said, "My lanta." Not to be confused with Atlanta. He went back to those dudes and gave the kids donuts. The dads ran around like chickens with no heads. Jesse started singing with his new adopted daughter with that toy piano to the tune of that Armageddon film song, "I don't want to close my eyes, I don't want to fall asleep because I miss you babe, and I don't want to miss you again." It gave the girly soy boys tears. Stephanie wanted to find out whether her adopted baby from Kimmy was going to be male or female. So, they had a party for that. But she couldn't pop the balloon that was going to tell her. So, she tied it to the chair Max was on. When Max got up, the balloon and that lawn chair flew into the air. But she decided that she doesn't need to know. Jackson kicked a game winning football goal. But then he said he injured his toe in practice. They were like going to the playoffs as a high school for the first time in like 20 years and DJ was all into that. She was like reliving her childhood through her son, Jackson. But then Ramona found out that Jackson was faking it. Jackson then told DJ that he didn't want to her down like he did when he was drinking. DJ told him to still give it a try. So, he did and they lost, I guess. But he was happy that he tried.

Fuller House

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Fuller House 410 Review

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