Fuller House 405

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Value in Integrity.

The oldest boy learned that lesson. He gave the credit back to Ramona who started a protest in order to get their school to give them more free stuff, Bernie Sanders Ocasio-Cortez socialism style. He first took credit for it and appeared on the news. Who watches dinosaur media? Simple answer, other dinosaurs, haha. He then handed the phone to Ramona. He learned a good lesson about life and dating and everything. That might have been my favorite part of that 5th episode of this 4th season of Fuller House, the sequel Netflix television TV show series sequel to Full House. Another good part of the show was the relationship between Steve & DJ. They ended up going on a double date with DJ's ex, Matt, and DJ's former high school gal friend. DJ didn't know he was seeing her. Their date was at like that board game, Clue. The other couple was making out and working together to solve the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. He picked her up so she could grab a clue from way up on top of a high shelf. But in the end, DJ and Steve became even closer I guess.

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Info Moms

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Too Many Mommies?

Third big thing was the bond between Kimmy & DJ's sister, Steph. Kimmy was worried that their friendship and bond would end after Kimmy gives birth to her child. Too bad they couldn't just adopt. It's better to adopt than to do this. But regardless, Steph promised that the baby would need more than one mommy because traditional families suck, right? Actually, they don't, but this show is pushing away from that. Steph & her boyfriend, the brother of Kimmy, were learning n those baby classes how to take care of her baby. He compared it to like a fast food restaurant like Subway. When they dropped the doll, he said, "Five second rule." But he also said that it is not like we are going to eat it. So, is that a reference to anything? Do you like to eat pizza? Reminds me of that funny parody song on 90's sitcoms, Too Many Cooks. Steph's BF has been like a woman in some ways. Can somebody say, "Too Many Girls?" The girls are girls. And many of the guys are beta males, AKA girls as well. Bring back the alpha males.

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Fuller House 405
By Oatmeal Joey Arnold - @JoeyArnoldVN

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