Does a man devote himself to Truth or does he spend his life in lies?


I’m a very literary fellow. I started reading Shakespeare on my own when I was not yet 12 years old because I wanted the challenge. I started with Macbeth, training myself in the difficult old poetry, and I loved it. What kind of an 11 year old does that? That was me. My very unliterary folks gave me a Complete Works of Shakespeare for my 12th birthday. Precious memory.

I then read all of The Sonnets in order and found in Shakespeare a living mind, a companion and a mentor. What was it that I got most of all from my old friend. Paradoxically, since his dramas and sonnets are all theatrical, I was converted to a love of telling the truth as I saw it and ridiculing convenient lies as his most favoured characters always do. Shakespeare was a man of his time and place and as such he was Christian in every corner of his soul. And Jesus, who died because he refused to lie, was a living presence to him regardless of what church building he was or was not compelled by law to enter and bow his head within. So I went from Shakespeare to the New Testament and considered them both in the same light. It was to me a saga of the spiritual battle of Truth against Lies, a battle whose ground was the entire civilized western world when St Paul wrote his Letters.

So, all these years later I can't help but see the last two years as an assault on the human mind by people who fit the term "Satanic". St Paul wrote to a Christian community some time before 60 AD (I think they were in Ephesis) about the controversy then raging in early Christian communities all over the Roman Empire whether a convert to Christianity should need to be circumcised and thereby be accepted as a worshipper of the One God, the Jewish God. Paul thought this was wrong, that it should be righteous behaviour, not circumcision, that should define the true believer. He said that God would judge those who are circumcised and yet behave as the uncircumcised, as being among the uncircumcised while those who are not circumcised but behave as if they were, adhering to the ten commandments though they were not Jews, would be judged as righteous believers.

It seems to me that we see a parody of that today. Those who do not profess themselves believers in Satan but behave as if they were, deserve to be judged as if they were outright worshippers of the Devil.

Satan is the Father of Lies in the mythic structure. Whoever uses lies as a means to power over others is a perfect follower of Satan whether he believes himself to be utterly free of any Archetypal images or not. The mythic structure is, as Jung said, inherent in the human mind. God is the God of Truth. Whether one consciously professes a belief in God or Jesus, or one does not, seems irrelevant to me. It is behaviour that matters. Does a man devote himself to Truth or does he spend his life in lies? Speak the Truth as you see it, no matter the consequences, and you will keep your integrity; submit to lies and you will lose your integrity and become a slave of liars.

Liars are the rulers of the entire civilized world, the new Roman Empire of today. Public Health Officers who don’t appear to know anything or care to know anything about medical facts are suddenly our absolute dictators. What they say goes. And what they say is the Compelled Truth which multitudes of our people seem to worship with their bodies and minds, wearing the Mask as ordered and lining up to be Inoculated. What is the difference between these Public Health dictators and the religious dictators, the Inquisitors and the State Churches, of Shakespeare’s day? I say there is no difference.

Our PHO here in BC is Bonnie Henry who apparently has earned the title “Doctor” and yet does not know or care at all that compelling five year olds to wear a stifling cloth over their noses and mouths all day long in school is robbing them of oxygen and loading their blood with dangerous levels of carbon dioxide. If Bonnie Henry is a doctor she’s a doctor of lies and death. She’s one of that global network of absolute dictators who have acquired the power to order the whole of humanity to submit to being raped with needles to be infused with chemicals intended to change their bodies for life.

The progress of the new religion of lies is steady and implacable. The new Inquisitors are honing their inhuman skills in small countries in preparation for imposing their Dogma of death and slavery more widely. Australia is a proving ground with its brand new concentration camps for the Unvaccinated and its Police who swarm small women and old men and slam them to the ground for not giving their “details” when ordered. The New Australian nation-wide Prison system is becoming a template for Canada too. What can we expect next?

I noted that the German state of Hesse has “allowed” grocery stores to refuse entrance to anybody who doesn’t show a proof of being Fully Vaccinated. Is that the Plan for Canada too? I won’t submit to being jabbed – and my reasons for declining are none of your business because my father was among those who put their life on the line to defeat Hitler and preserve our civil rights and our sovereignty over our bodies. Our civil rights which we took for granted just two short years ago are dead with the blood of millions of lovers of freedom.

Am I going to be refused food? Am I going to have my savings account stolen from me? Am I going to be held down and forcibly injected? I’m sure you don’t believe our government could be so inhuman. But I don’t think there’s a stopping point on the road to absolute hell once ruling "Administrators" take the devil's perverted communion and bow down to lies.


I was moved by Thomas Tallis's small composition, "If Ye Love Me". I modernize the text:

"If you love me keep my commandments. And I will ask the Father and He will send you another comforter, one who will stay with you forever, namely the Spirit of Truth”

What does the Spirit of Truth promise us if we love the truth? We live and we die with our sovereign souls still within us. What does the Spirit of Truth demand of you and me? We call the game as we see it. We listen to our own senses. We look with our own eyes upon reality and call a fact a fact and we call a lie a lie. No matter the consequences. I’ll stick with that. I’ll live or I’ll die by that. Who’s with me?

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