The Federal Government is illegitimate

There are more questionable election results besides Donald Trump, and this is not the first election cycle where Dominion software has switched votes. It is the first time that people have stood up against the system. It isn't just Donald Trump who stood up, but Dr. Shiva of MIT as well.

There remains numerous questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential Elections, but the courts refused to give the challenged standing-or worse the courts would rule adversely to the state constitution. All night we hear senators talking about how all these cases where the courts found no fraud or irregularities, and accepting it as true. Generally a lawyer would have to accept that, and be blinded by the reality. The edicts of man are far from absolute; They are fatally flawed unless it is rooted upon reality. Needless to say declaring falsehoods to be truth will become the new normal, as if it isn't already, as the CCP gains more and more influence over our country. What is reality? Ultimately all we know is there is rampant fraud that may or will never be verified and never be held accountable. Many legislators of the states have asserted that the election process was stolen from them, and gave their intent to send their own certified electors as the constitution requires. Mike Pence was supposed to refuse the governors certified votes and send the process back to the state legislature. He refused with millions of people outside in a most public stabbing of Caesar in the Back. Those millions of people stormed the senate building as most of us known.

And they reconvened tonight, almost redundantly the same arguments-that Trump is wanting to be a dictator, that some 60 court cases refused, that we have to reunite the country, that we have to tell the American people the truth that Biden won. Those who initially said they would object to the certified ballots became turn coats. They all speak about restoring the legitimacy of the elections when there was none. They speak outrage about the people who stormed the senate to stop the steal, and called them thugs and domestic terrorist. The more the senate spoke, the more they demonstrated how out of touch they were. It is more like they were begging for the American people to storm the senate again only with Guns and put them out of their misery. When the enemy is in the process of committing suicide, don't interfere.

They aren't interested in fair elections; they aren't interested in who is the legitimate leader of the United states; they aren't interested in letting America know the truth; they want to shove their wills down the throats of the unconsenting public and expect the American public to take it. They are very wrong.

After the senate building was stormed, literally taken over, the senate hasn't learned anything. One great axiom that the congress has forgotten, is the need to have a neutral forum to address their grievances as to avert the destruction of our institutions. There was: rampant fraud; no neutral judge; and, the only response the people have left is force.

There is likely a strong reason why they do not want the truth to be found out, but ignorance will not spare them from the greater axioms. Our federal legislatures may, in a great part, be chosen by computer algorithm. They have place their political power above the truth, above the yearning American people who seek it, they have ignored the natural law that demands answers for the peoples petitions of their grievances, and they are choosing an Agent of the CCP as our next president. Yet all they argue is for us to put a noose around their necks, and I think the people are becoming more and more willing to do so. It is quite damning they are leaving the people no other choice.

We no longer have a legitimate federal government. They of course have their mercenaries to commit all sorts of acts of violence and threats against us so we cannot fully dismiss them, but the power can no longer reflect some sort of democratic process or let alone something arguably willed by the people. The house and the senate have absolutely no legitimacy authority real or arguable; only absolute power-except immortality.

The federal congress has set up the American people for all out civil war. Though I myself am not a fighter, a coup may be the only real answer a somewhat free people have left to remain free. The American people freedom can be peacefully maintained if: Trump implements the insurrection act and demand a hand counter ballot and kick all the bums in congress out; they engage in an exodus for a new country; or, if their state secedes from the union.

Take your pick, or kneel your illegitimate CCP overlords.

Fuck Joe Biden.

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