-=Kanye and Trump just ENDED THE ERA OF NORMIE DOMINANCE!¡!¡1=-

So many of Us knew from childhood on at least a gut level that there's something terribly wrong with Our World.
Adults systematically indoctrinate Children with all sorts of unnecessary limitations.

So much color is drained from Our Spirits as We grow up by relentless groupthinking hordes demanding conformity with the consolation prize carrot that You now get to limit other Beings.

Today Kanye and Trump rang a bell that signified the end of the era of Normie dominance!¡

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 5.23.11 AM.png

In this scene, it was made clear to the entire world that Those Who follow The wind behind Their Spirits, develop Their own thoughts, ideas, and creativity are now in power;

It was made clear Our Civilization now favors those Who do not conform and play by arbitrary rules over Those Who compulsively follow unexamined groupthink and enforce it's rigid norms upon Others.

It only makes sense, in retrospect; that this would be a natural effect of the age of information.

Why would We elevate, celebrate, and handover power to People just for Their normopathic tendency for utter conformity and to demand it from Others?¿

You can see all of the onlooking media, baffled; Wondering what Their roles would be in this new future where They get no special treatment for the size of crowd that approves of Their views and identities?¿

For what use do We have for People Who think and act alike, like robots; in the age where We have real robots?¿

Image by "NPC Deprogrammer", knowyourmeme.com

Finally it is resoundingly clear that to be, think, and feel unique is an asset, not a liability.

One way media developed an increasingly restrictive list of acceptable thoughts, behaviors and lifestyles.
But one way media was a farce from the beginning, a tool for indoctrination and social control.

That social control has fallen apart and the new paradigm came smashing through with brilliant color!¡

You've got to watch this video in it's full glory with open eyes, uncolored by perceptual bias.

We can now feel and know that the possibilities for Humanity is limitless.

Of course the mainstream media all has the same message. "So unpresidential. Kanye needs help."
They are the Gatekeepers of the old World, struggling to maintain control in the face of irrelevance.

Watch Don Lemon's smear job, knowing He's likely a project mockingbird c1a Agent, creating a narrative that Kanye is being exploited, needs help;

Don uses divisive identity politics right off the bat with "Him in front of all of these white People, mostly white People, embarrassing Himself."

"Needs help", "Needs to back away from the cameras", "If Anyone cares about Him [...] They need to grab Him and snatch Him up and get Kanye together because Kanye needs help."

"We need to stop pretending this is normal."

-Don Lemon

That's the NPC Normie matrix enforcing it's rules right there.

Suddenly Don Lemon positions Himself back into the power position of having the right to determine what's normal and acceptable.

He criticizes Him for speaking in 'non sequiturs'.

If You can't follow Kanye, if You're failing to understand something, You don't get points for Your ignorance, Don.

He compares Him to Someone else visiting the office who "Didn't do anything awful"- implying Kanye did.

He then goes on to create a large scale social identity if/then statement, where if You don't follow His rules You're racist.

He continues, "We need to take the cameras away from Kanye."

You think Your shitty old ideas repeated everywhere have a more holy right to a large scale one way media Audience than Kanye because You say so or because You've got groupthink numbers in Your indoctrinated high school popularity Crowd?¿

A lot of People think and speak exactly like You do on tv so it's more valid?¿
It actually makes it worth less when it's common.

"Not normal" "We need to stop pretending it's normal"

"This was an embarrassment, Kanye's Mother is rolling over in Her grave."

-Don Lemon

Oh fucking wow. He's creating this hallucinatory artifact that Kanye should be ashamed for speaking His Mind and going against the grain... hallucinating that His DEAD MOTHER would be ashamed.

I guess if We're all just creative writing horse shit hallucinations with no basis, I could assert that all Don Lemon's Ancestors are disgusted and ashamed of how Don has sold out to cabal media and stands for nothing but corporate drivel and the pursuit of Self gratification through fame and money.

He then ridicules Kanye for presenting a plan for a hydrogen powered plane: "Talking about hydrogen, the last time We talked about hydrogen seriously?¿ Oh You remember that?¿ The Hindenburg."

So He's conjuring this emotional reaction that clouds People's rationality here.

"Fear is the Mind-killer." -Frank Herbert, DUNE

So We're supposed to ridicule new ideas and tech to improve Our civilization, and that's normal and good?¿
In a World where We had electric cars in the 90's and They were ordered destroyed by the dead dinosaur fossil fuel mafia?¿


He models an emotional knee jerk reaction against hydrogen and presumably other paradigm breaking energy sources.
Because a blimp burned down almost 100 years ago?¿
Because hydrogen is explosive and flammable?¿
Does Don realize that gasoline is as well?¿

You know that there's indoctrination happening when You're being pushed into a viewpoint and presented with no attractive option to explore other viewpoints. Emotionally charged ridicule has worked nicely in the past to keep People in line. There's nothing intelligent about playground ridicule and discouraging a free exploration of ideas.

He goes on "Stop embarrassing Yourself", "We're watching Someone's demise."
This is psych warfare. He depicts a solution for Kanye to walk away from the very seductive, unattractive reality Don just created, in His Mind, for Kanye and Everyone else to copy .

He goes on about how the office is sacred and can You imagine if Barack had Someone in the office Who said, "MF"?¿
You know You've got nothing on substance when You criticize the colorful language with which Someone expresses Themselves.

This is the old guard, guarding the rules of the matrix that benefit Them. The like the old familiar game because They know the rules and get to use effective psychological warfare against those accused of breaking Them.

We are witnessing a changing of the Guard.

One-way media is dying, but not without a vicious last stand to control Our Minds and Lives.
The social-mental-emotional-spiritual matrix is breaking down,
and a new world of limitless possibility is unfolding!¡

Who's psyched?¿!¡ 


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