That's Not a Good Look, Justin. 🙁 - Word 2 my Naysayer's

First of all, I don't want Steem to fail


But it bothers me when people wanna act like I'm the crazy one when the writings on the wall. Ok!👌

It almost makes me want the negative scenario to play out so you "get what you deserve"... But I care about too many of you to not open my mouth when I see something sketch.

That's just how I am

You generally have the same people virtue signalling their enthusiasm and trying to "Nancify" people like me for trying to be more scrupulous or discerning. Makes me a little quesy..

Maybe I'm a little overly theatrical but fact of the matter is that I have been a good judge of character.

One of my gifts is the ability to read people. It took years of being taken for a ride time and time again before I learned how to see the signs.

It's like a Spidey senses if you will.

While everybody to include a top witness was swooning over @jerrybanfield and his budget proposal bid bot. I was saying it wouldn't end well. Sure enough...

It didn't work out for us...

He put out a video after he bailed about how much profit he made off the Steem community. It makes me angry thinking about this spaz fooling so many.

Anyways, I've been going on about the ☀️ debacle for days already. Think y'all can figure where I stand.

Now that I see this news drop.

Not the kind of person to say I told you so but...


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