Team Bonsai
Celebrate the art of bonsai with us. No memberships. Love trees. Make friends. Grow together.

Please share photos, videos, art, poetry, knowledge, and experience relating to bonsai trees. Things related to bonsai are also encouraged to be shared, such as traditional Japanese/Chinese Gardens, Rock Garden Landscapes, Niwaki (pruned garden trees/shrubs), and other plants pruned into bonsai form. All content must be original, or it will be removed.


- 1. All content should be related to trees or bonsai related subject matter.

- 2. Plagiarism, if discovered, will not be tolerated. If posting photos of bonsai trees you do not own, please provide proof that you have permission to do so.

- 3. Single photo posts are welcome so long as you add some descriptive text.

- 4. We strongly encourage people to grow their own bonsai trees and share photos and videos of their own creations. Interact with others, share your wisdom, ask questions, and help out other beginner growers. Help us to develop our community by becoming a valuable part of the family.