Venezuela is the Game of Thrones Second Part


We begin with The main characters are accompanied by the families they represent and their respective interests, a nuance of bad and good, with justification, deep down they all think they are good and justify actions, horrible as they seem, why to They are the means to an end.

We have Main Houses
Houses of Poniente | Houses of Venezuela
House Baratheon | PSUV
House Lannister | High Military Circles
House Targaryen | The opposition
House Greyjoy | The Armed Bolivarian Circles
House Tyrell | Cuba
House Frey | The army
Night Guard | The table of the Unit
House Stark | The village
The Wild | The Bachaqueros

They are a continuous War Wheel rolling crushing those below. By the power each one will do what he thinks fit to obtain or maintain it, they have their reasons and each one wants to believe that they are the good ones, in the middle the people who make magic to be able to eat, we wait once a month the food bag , The benefits of the Mothers of the Neighborhood, the Card of the Good Living, among other Benefits, in exchange for a blind faith and to continue like lambs to a LOCAL IDEOLOGY
It is more or less that of being or belonging to one of the game houses of Tronos,

It all started for a fool, a rapture
It was once a kingdom, with a mad king and a melancholy prince (AD and COPEY) who kidnapped a wild princess (Venezuela), and began a Revolution, the princess had a boyfriend, who was deeply obsessed with her Roberth Baratheon ( Chavez), he believed that the princess (Venezuela) was his, because they had been promised in marriage, or so he thought.
The aura of mystery surrounds this story because nobody knows until now whether or not she really loved Roberth or had to love him.
Those who followed the Baratheon (Chavistas) were because they followed a leader with a good lip (convincing power) that had convinced them to overthrow the current Mad King (the old system), promising them that there would be more injustice in the seven Realms when in fact Robeth Baratheon what was was resentful for that had robbed to the girlfriend.
As all social resentment took advantage of the dislike of The Stark (The People), to kill the King and heir to the tone, promising to change everything, and then place the same, in the desired Iron Throne, and all in the name of love.

After the Baratheon house had gained power, there was no opposition that was worth the Greyoy (Fedecamaras - Radio Caracas Television) rose and quickly extinguished that flame, and the people continued to acclaim the Roberth.

But time passes bill and excesses too, was gradually annihilated thanks to their excesses, Roberth Died leaving leaving to ruin the West, poor Robert and the Lanister were owed to the fabulous Bank of Braves (Foreign Banks).

To be continued.....


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