Share My World: Water Walk

One of the best projects that was happening at the camp was the water project. This was a project that was being implemented by the people at MERC (the camp we were staying at) for the local community.

Here is a look at the water walk we went on to learn more about the project.

Up on the top part of the property stood a newly built water tower. It was a frequent place to hang out and see sunsets.

Here George is telling the group about the bore hole that was recently dug and will supply the water to the tower to then be distributed to the surrounding community.

Here is the view from the top of the water tower looking out onto the camp, the community and in the distance that land of the Maasai Mara reserve.

George and Charles took us on a water walk of line B. If you want to know more about the people that worked at the camp see my post People of Kenya: My Kenyan Family.

There are two lines that are going to be supplying water to the community. Here Charles is telling the group about the water trough that is going to supply the animals, both domestic and wild, as the trough is located right next to the reserve.

The roadKiosk or water stationThe trough for the animals

What a blessings it is going to be to have clean accessible water, especially for the women that have to carry the water.

The group along and some of the community members at the kiosk and water trough

One of my favorite parts of the trip came next as the community members invited us to their village and welcomed us with singing and dancing.

Here are pictures of the beautiful people that were so kind and welcoming.

The beautiful, colorful cloth they are wearing is called a shuka. The Colors of Kenya were something I didn't expect and it was such a treat.

The kindness of the Maasai people was such a important and memorable part of my time in Kenya.

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