Share My World: Nebo Loop drive

I have been so blessed to go to Utah multiple times in the last month. I got spend Quality Time with my Uncle Jack one weekend and then a couple weekends later I went up for his funeral.

While Utah I always want to go to the mountains. Some people are beach people. I grew up in San Diego, California and so you might think I am a beach person. I am not. I am most definately a mountain person and I didn't want to miss an opportunity to go to my beloved Utah mountains.

For this trip to the mountains @jarvie and I went on the Nebo Loop drive

Let's go on a drive

One reason @jarvie wanted to go to Nebo loop is to check out the land after the fires of last summer. There were some places that go hit very hard.

We learned that aspen trees are really fire resistant.
Oh I do love aspens!

This is a pretty famous pull out as you can see Utah Lake

To the left of the parking lot was a beautiful field of yellow.

A few close ups of the flowers

Our next stop was this beautiful location, so I could take a picture at the same place I took a picture for the Photodeca competition a few years ago. Beautiful in both summer and fall!

This stop was to explore a potential place for Scotty to park his air stream.

Here he is with his new Toyota Tacoma

I say YES to this place! What stunning views in every direction!

Looking at Mt. Nebo

Oh and there is a field of Castilleja flowers or Indian Paintbrush right at the site.

A beautiful trail head and meadow.

There were some cool flowers here too.

I even got a couple of cool moving shots as we were driving down the mountain.

A video of us singing to West End Girls and driving down the mountain with the windows down in the rain. I loved it!

We did a similar thing (singing to 80's music on our drive) in the snow in Sedona when he came to visit me in Arizona in February. The post is called Share My World: Red Rock Scenic Byway

What a beautiful drive and a great time being with my brother!

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