Share My World: Grand Canyon in the snow

In February my brother @jarvie and I took a weekend trip to Northern Arizona to play in the snow. Our first stop was Sedona. See my post Share My World: Red Rock Scenic Byway for a look at Sedona in the snow.

After spending most of the day in Sedona we headed up to the Grand Canyon to take picture of it at sunset. Wow it was stunning.

The most interesting thing I found was what you will see in the picture below.
You can see the elevation just by looking out over the canyon.

The snow is only on the top layers of the canyon. That is because it is the highest in elevation or where we were standing at the South Rim is 6,800 feet (2,072 meters). The bottom of the Grand Canyon is 2,200 feet (670 meters). As a comparison the elevation of Phoenix, Arizona is 1086 feet (331 meters) and has average temperatures of 72 degrees in February.

We were not alone

You can see the people out on the ledge. I would say that because it was cold and snowy that there were less people then I usually see at the Grand Canyon, which was nice.

The trees

Chasing the light

The funniest part was us chasing the light and running on this snow packed trail with a broken shoe (the bottom flap was coming off and tripping me) and it being really cold and carrying the camera on my tripod running to catch up with Scotty.


Here is the master at work.

It is great to go out taking pictures with my brother.

Because it so cold the snow was quite slippery and Scotty had on great shoes and helped me get out to the part you see were the fence is to get these shots!

The Grand Canyon is always impressive. In the snow it is amazing!

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