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Most of the time that we spent in Scotland was spent Searching for our ancestors in Scotland in small cities like Bathgate, Linthigow, Kilsyth and Sterling.

We did spend an afternoon and evening in Edinburgh!

Since it was towards the end of the two week trip we did a bus tour of the city and I am so glad we did. As a tourist in a city for the first time I enjoy the bus tours that narrate as they take you around the city allowing you to get on and off as you like.

It also gave you an interesting view of the city.

There were so many great old buildings

One thing I noticed in Edinburgh is that for a Wednesday afternoon in May there were a lot of people out in the parks. Maybe it was because of the beautiful weather, we had sunny skies the whole time in England and Scotland.

If you remember, I did a post called Textures in Italy. I was still taking picture of textures in Scotland and here is a sampling.

The Edinburgh Castle

The beautiful Edinburgh Castle sits high on the hill. It was fun to see it from so many different angles.

The castle was built in the 12th century and is still in use today.

After touring Edinburgh Castle we walked down the Royal Mile to St. Andrew's square to eat dinner at a fabulous Indian restaurant called Dishoom.

Scotty had bought a couple of hats to take home so Kristen and I wore them too and we did a little photo shoot at Dishoom as we were waiting.

What a great day in Edinburgh and so fun to experience this great city that we know some of our ancestors lived and visited!

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