Share My World: Drive from Nairobi to the Maasai Mara

At the end of 3 days in Nairobi the ASU and Prescott students and staff, the Dopoi staff and the Mara guides all loaded into the vehicles and we had a beautiful drive from Nairobi to the Maasai Mara. The drive is about 5 hours, according to Googlemaps. We took longer, stopping a few places along the way.

The drive was so beautiful with such varied landscape!

The route

The Great Rift Valley

The rifts are geographic trenches and faults that extend from Lebanon in the north to Mozambique, Kenya in the south. According to

A rift can be thought of as a fracture in the earth's surface that widens over time.

This region is also important for understanding the roots of human evolution. Many hominid fossil finds occur within the rift, and it is currently thought that the rift's evolution may have played an integral role in shaping our development

So the plates are moving away from each other and in the process have created this beautiful valley.

It was a great location for some portraits.

Our first wild animal sighting: Baboons and Marmots

Some parts were so green!

Enjoying the Drive

We stopped in Narok to switch vehicles and we caught a gimps of the local market. Our first introduction to the beautiful colors of the Mara. For more beautiful colors see my last post The Colors of Kenya

We did a little off roading toward the end in the vans. And made it to camp that evening.

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