Share My World: Camp life on the Maasai Mara

Continuing my journey in Kenya.... here is a look at camp life.

We stayed at the Dopoi center in the Maasai Mara.
It was a great place and the people were so kind and welcoming.

The students stayed in tents and the leaders in rooms.

It was very nice!

This is the place where we spent a lot of our time when at camp.

We gathered, ate and sat around the fire. We also played a lot of cards and werewolf.

The classroom was the other place that we spent a lot of time.

My favorite was the Maa language and culture class with Ole Kewa that we had each afternoon at 4pm.

Entakakenya Sidai- Good Morning!
Sidai oleng- very good
Supa- Hello
Ashe- Thank you
Ashe oleng- thank you very much

We kept active with badminton, volleyball, slack line and Frisbee.

By far the most poplar activity was climbing the newly installed water tower, especially at sunset.

There were some beautiful sunsets on the Mara

Some of the animals at camp.
Suberb Starling Very big ants Goat
Grasshopper Lizard Tortise

Laundry day

A few pictures of people around camp.

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