Olngatuny is Maa for lion.

Here are some more of my favorite pictures and things I learned about the olngatuny or lions from my Being a photographer for Global Resolve and seeing the lions on the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

One of the game drives we went on was with a great guide named Nick.

He grew up on the Mara and knows the animals so well. He knows all the lion prides and where they are located and knows all the names of the lions too. It was awesome to go with someone so experienced and knowledgeable.

I think that lions were my favorite animal because of the drive that I took with Nick.

While in Kenya I learned that lions, like cheetahs and leopards have spots too.

You can see the spots in the picture below. Lions loose their spots when they mature which is around 4 years old.

I also learned that the cubs can and will suckle or nurse from any lioness in the pride.

It was so fun to watch the cubs interacting with each other.

I learned that lions eat lots of wildebeest in June through October.

This is when the wildebeest migration happens. Millions of wildebeest, eland, zebras and Thompson gazelle migrate from Tanzina to Kenya crossing the Mara river.

I learned that lions have a lot of flies on them after eating, from the blood.

I learned that lions will move their young cubs, by carrying by the neck, from one place to another to keep them safe from predators.

I learned that when the female is in heat she will mate every 15-20 minutes... for days!

I also learned that lions are a lot like house cats and role around and sleep on their backs and put their feet on each other.

They also sleep a lot right after eating. As they are in these pictures.

I learned that I really like lions or Olngatuny, in Maa !

Nick, Maasai guide
Wikepdia, Lion

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