Cats of Kenya

Do you like big cats?
I do!
They are graceful, powerful and so beautiful.

There are three big cats in Kenya. Can you tell the difference between a cheetah, a leopard, and lion?


I would say that most people can identify a olngatuny or lion.
Since the mane would be a give away I put a picture of lioness.

While in Kenya I learned that lions, like cheetahs and leopards have spots too. You can see the spots in the picture below. Lions loose their spots when they mature which is around 4 years old.

Here are some more of my favorite pictures of the olngatuny or lions from my trip Being a photographer for Global Resolve

Olkinya Lasho

Olkinya Lasho or cheetahs are wonderfully fast, slender, beautiful animals.

Cheetahs have around 2,000 solid black round spots all over it's body and a very distinct tear-like mark on it's face.
If you want more info here is my last post Olkinya Lasho. It was amazing to be so close to the cheetah.

Olowuru Keri

The way to tell a Olowuru Keri or leopard is by the rosette markings. They also spend a lot of time in trees and even take the animal they killed up into the tree too.

What is your favorite big cat? Why?

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