Let's travel together #59 - The Japanese Garden (Gradina Japoneza) [Part 1 of a great adventure!]

It's been a while since my latest post so today I feel like a have to take my revenge and write something beautiful.
Something that I discovered soon.
A very peaceful place for mind and soul.

The Japanese Garden from Herastrau! 🤘

As the title says, today we will take a short trip to the Japanese Garden from Herastrau Park but also attend to one of the most beautiful events I've ever took part: Spotlight - Bucharest International Light Festival. But let's start with the beginning..

On Sunday, 16 April - together with my sister and some friends, we decided to take advantage of the great weather that was in Bucharest and go on a walk in the park - also a great chance to discover a new place. A while ago I presented a little part of the Herastrau Park but today we are going to see even more than before.
It's not a surprise anymore that you have a lot of things to enjoy while you are in this place but you also need more than one full day to see the whole park, as it's really huge!
Talking about the size of the park, a little part of it is dedicated to The Japanese Garden which is known as a touristic attraction.
Why Japanese? - Because the garden is gifted with lots of pines and Japanese cherry trees.

The Japanese Garden is 20 years old and the Japanese Embassy itself helped building up this place, thus creating a great landscape which will bring color into your life regardless of the season.
Due to the colorful landscape, the Japanese Garden is considered as being one of the most relaxing place for whoever wants to disconnect from daily routines and come to this place to enjoy the silence, read a book, or even just sit on the grass and watch the blue sky.
With the arrival of spring there are lots of people who visit this garden just to take a deep breath of fresh nature while making some pictures to remain with beautiful memories - this is how the garden is also a common place for the newlyweds who come here to take a photo shoot.

If the garden is not enough, you can always walk around and discover a lot of interesting people - like this guy who was singing on a hang.
The Hang is a pretty new musical instrument which was discovered in 2000 in Switzerland. Personally I believe that it's one of the most relaxing sounds I've ever heard - every little note sung on the hang has the magic power to transpose you in a very different world.

But what about the mysterious man you see in the picture from the left?
Once we hear the melodically sound created by the bagpipe and see the man wearing a kilt, we definitely feel like we just arrived on the Scottish realm - really a fairy feeling.
I used to see this kind of people only in the movies but it was a pleasure to meet a Scottish man in the park, who enjoys representing his country while making the Romanians really curious and interested by the majestic sound created.

In the end..everybody loves music and you can never get too much of it, right?

While in the park, you have many opportunities how to spend your time like:

  • Rent a boat! - and enjoy the sound created by the peaceful waves of Herastrau Lake while you are carried on the most beautiful dreams..
  • Rent a bike! - and seek for the best parts of the Herăstrău Park, which by the way is really impossible to be discovered only by walking around..
  • Have fun in the skate parks! - yes, if you are more likely an adrenaline person you can also enjoy the skate parks which are arranged inside of the park. These are waiting for your tricks and wilderness!
  • Dance like nobody is watching! - inside of the park you will find a great local called Beraria H where you can always dance on the good music and recharge your batteries with good vibes.
  • Enjoy the pubs! - I know you love to have fun, who doesn't? But consider that you can always take a break to eat something or just to cool down the hot weather with a cold drink.

Together with my sister and my friends, we've spent like 5 beautiful hours in the park, while waiting for the Spotlight which was starting on 8.00 PM.
I know that probably many of you are interesting about this event - especially if you haven't took part in one before. I'm also very excited to write about it and I can't wait to do it but I thought that The Japanese Garden also deserves a post on my blog - as the fabulous color of the trees really hypnotized me. And believe me, I hate pink!

It's been a really long walk in Bucharest but it totally worth it. This is the reason why I felt like I have to split the post in two different articles and talk more about each one of the beautiful landscapes that my eyes were gifted to see.
As you may noticed, the first picture of the post is half colored and half B&W.
The colored picture was taken in The Japanese Garden - the subject of today's post, and the other picture was taken during Spotlight - and believe me, the picture is so damn colorful!
If you are wandering what's Spotlight? - it's an international festival of lights where artists from different countries come to bring color to your city for a few nights with their talent.
So while I'm working on the second part of the trip to be ready until Wednesday, enjoy the little Japanese Garden and prepare your eyes for some really colorful adventure!
We are going to see many talented artists who projected their best illustrations on some of the most important buildings from Bucharest.

Have a great week(end) and don't forget to come back on Wednesday, 25 April 2018!✌️

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