Trip to Serralves - Porto | Portugal


Today is the day to go for a walk around Serralves.
There have been many visits for various purposes, some for photo shoots, taking advantage of the stunning scenery of the surrounding park, others simply for walk and spending pleasant moments with the family and others to attend cultural events.



All the space results in a foundation that brings together the house of Serralves, the Museum of Contemporary Art and a huge park.
The main objective of this foundation is to stimulate public interest and knowledge for contemporary art, architecture, landscape and critical themes for society and its future, being recognized today as one of the main Portuguese cultural institutions and the most relevant in Northern Portugal resulting in classification as National Monument.



In this virtual tour I will share a compilation of photographic records made over different occasions and events ...



Unfortunately I could not find in the trunk some of the photos I took from house and the Museum but fortunately I found several taken in different places of the park during various cultural events :)
In fact, I found a single shot to one of the building's exterior facades at a very peculiar angle


Inside we can find Author Collections and works by the most renowned artists of our days, temporary exhibitions, educational programs, public sessions, music, dance and performance shows.
The Museum promotes the enjoyment and understanding of contemporary art and culture and strengthens ties with the local community and promotes reflection around the relationships between art and the environment.



The activities recorded and shared here were carried out outdoors, spread over the 18 hectares of the park between formal gardens, woods and a traditional farm linked by circuits with different paths along which it is possible to appreciate the diversity of its tree and shrub heritage.




These records range from punctual walks, the famous autumn festival to Serralves em Festa where Serralves is celebrated as an inclusive space of contemporary art and culture, incorporating the thinking and practices related to the reflection on the environment and the landscape.



For 50 consecutive hours, this party has hundreds of events such as music, dance, theater, performance and contemporary circus, museum exhibitions, film, video, photography and numerous workshops, a true amusement park for those who love culture.
And now mixing a little of everything I share a few more records




I loved the scenario that follows, the images alone already give rise to imagination and to question what happened there, in fact it was a mute representative performance that boiled down to explore human behaviors, including vanity







If you can, do not miss the opportunity to know this special place and preferably pay attention to the schedule and take advantage of a great event to attend, surely you will not regret.
For those who don't know, below in the comments I will share the exact location.
See you next time for another trip inside :)

  • All photos presented in this article are my own

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