The majestic buildings of bygone days in Moscow

If one day you get to Moscow and walk along one of the many broad avenues, you will certainly catch the eye of how majestic and huge the buildings here. If you suddenly noticed the beautiful arches, sculptures and columns built like giants, you know – these buildings belong to the so-called era of Stalin's Renaissance.

There are several thousand similar buildings in Moscow. This is a huge figure, and all of them were built in the period from 1925 to 1955. It was during this period that people headed by Joseph Stalin were in power and it was thanks to them that a kind of architectural revolution took place in the country.

I will not go into political details about that era. Of course, in those years there was a lot of both good and tragic in our country, but the merit of architects, engineers and builders in all the appearance of the cities of the USSR is undeniable.

One day I came to visit friends who had an art evening in their apartment. It happened in a big house in the center of our city. The house was built in 1934. It was a two-bedroom apartment, which could accommodate about 80 !!! man, but what struck me most - the apartment was not just big, it was huge. All guests were accommodated with convenience, no one pushed, it was very spacious, in the center of the hall there was a huge table with treats and in different parts of the apartment there were presentations and events.

That day I suddenly realized that before such apartments were the norm, because our current housing, where my family lives, also has three rooms, but the area of our entire apartment is less than one room in the apartment where the meeting was held.

If today the norm in our homes ceiling height is considered to be about 2.5-3 meters, in Stalin's houses they were 3.5 meters and even higher. Okna in these apartments is truly huge and the apartment very bright. My friends have two balconies in such an apartment, and the kitchen is so huge that you can dance there!

What else is striking in Moscow is the external decoration of Stalin's buildings. It is believed that the symbolism of architectural and decorative elements was very important in the construction of such houses. Here there are five-pointed stars, sickles and hammers, ears. If there are sculptures, they are necessarily images of ordinary people - workers, farmers or engineers.

All buildings are in very good condition. Here they are maintained in a clean and postannouncement. I am sure that years will pass and we will return to the construction of such facilities one day. Because they are not just majestic and beautiful in appearance, but also very comfortable to live in.

Photos taken with camera CANON EOS 50D, TAMRON 28-75mm lens

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