Park in Moscow, where the tale lives quietly

Once upon a time, when there were no big cities, there were impenetrable forests and swamps, the whole world was shrouded in mystery. Mermaids and strange monsters lived in the rivers, mysterious animals and goblins wandered through the forest,and Mavka and fauns danced in the fields.

But over time, people became more and more, first there were small villages, then cities more, and now around is full of huge cities, where there is no spirit of mystery. Fairy tale gradually moved away from people, because no one believes in magic and magic. However, there are places in big cities where the mystery has not disappeared, but continues to live, despite everything.

One day, walking in one of the Moscow parks with a camera, I came across an echo of the past. There are no large crowds of people, but a lot of mysterious images, frozen as if in time. And if you look closely, it may seem as if the sculptures are alive.

From afar you may feel that all the characters of fairy tales made of wood, but this impression is deceptive. If you go to any sculpture, you can see - it's a stone. Perhaps gypsum or concrete. Vivid images as if frozen in the damn monolith.

There are strange beasts and dragons. Next to the big chess field, there are enormous figures of pawns and horses. In the bushes hid the hut of the Russian fairy tale.Perhaps one day an old woman comes here on a broomstick and hides inside from prying eyes.

Perhaps when night comes, all these sculptures come to life. They talk to each other, remembering the old days, sadly complaining to each other about the people who have become around too much in the last 1000 years.

There are many such parks in Moscow. They are not like one another, but there are also different interesting frozen images. It may happen that one day, when the fairy-tale creatures will be very crowded in the city, they will decide to come together and silently leave the cities into the depths of the forest, but while they are here, we have the opportunity to rejoice, looking at them and silently beg them that they forgive us and stay with us forever.

Photos taken with camera CANON EOS 50D, TAMRON 28-75mm lens

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