A place where squirrels and birds live well!

If one day you decide to go to Peterhof, which is located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, I advise you to arm yourself not only with a camera, but also to stock up nuts or sunflower seeds. Amazing pictures are waiting for you!

The fact is that Peterhof is famous not only for its beautiful palaces and fountains. In the Lower Park of the tourist complex you are sure to meet a whole team of squirrels and birds that are not afraid of man.

In may we went with my Daughter to my relatives and often visited these picturesque places. Then my aunt, before we went for a walk in the Park, advised me to buy nuts and seeds and told me how best to lure animals and birds.

As soon as we entered the Park we immediately began to pursue different birds, literally demanding food. Local birds have long known that tourists are good people and will not refuse a treat. Many people, knowing this, are always happy to take pictures of small local inhabitants.

Birds sat on the nearest branches and chirped, looking at us. Many themselves sat almost on the shoulders and then the daughter took a handful of seeds in her hand and began to walk stretching it out in front of her.

You may not believe it, but from wanting to eat was not you. Some birds sat down and did not fly up for a long time, and Tits, grabbing a grain, immediately flew away and gnawed it on the nearest branch.

Here for the first time I was able to take close pictures of birds such as landslides, ordinary Tits and blue Tits. Still here were chaffinches who did not want to sit down on hands, but who all the same flew behind us and asked that we threw a forage directly on a path.

Squirrels here ran several pieces at once. These animals did not eat nuts at once, but ran with them to the nearest Bush and there buried their prey. One squirrel even climbed up my pant leg and, looking me in the face from below, began to beg for another nut.

I made a lot of interesting shots during that walk, but I publish only a part of them. It's good that there are places where forest dwellers are happy and people are happy too!

Photos taken with camera CANON EOS 50D, TAMRON 28-75mm lens

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