A few words about the fountains of Petrodvorets

Recently I have already told you about my daughter and my trip to Peterhof, which is located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. This small town has the main attraction of this place – the Grand Palace of Peter I and parks with fountains. In the past, I talked about how we fed birds and squirrels with hands and about where the water fountains parks. Today I will tell you a little about the fountains themselves, but rather about some of them.

Once you have bought a ticket, then go through the main entrance to the Park, equipped with an electronic turnstile, then go down to the lower Park. It is quite large in area and there are many beautiful places everywhere. To the left of the entrance you can immediately see the main fountain complex – the Grand cascade and the Samson fountain.

All the Central elements of this complex are combined compositionally and represent a beautiful structure, the fountains of which have many jets. The complex also includes 225 sculptures made of bronze, covered with a thin layer of pure gold.

The Central part can be well observed from almost all sides of the Park. Since we were there in the spring, there was little foliage around and the trees almost did not cover the view of the fountains.

Near the center of the Park there are two Roman fountains. They stand symmetrically relative to each other and are made in the classical style. The prototypes of these fountains were those that are installed in front of St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome.

Around neat lawns and very beautiful. Even in early spring it is full of flowers, which transcend the North Petersburg air and the wind blowing from the Gulf of Finland. The Bay itself is very close to the Park.

Personally, I really like the small fountain "Triton". The sculpture of the mythical creature is somewhat similar to
Samson, only in miniature. And there the hero breaks the lion's song, and here Triton fights with some sea monster. This time sulptury not as shiny as in years past. But one day they will all be carefully removed and again covered with bright gold. This happens every few years to maintain the beauty of the Park.

Turtles-fountains are also part of the composition of the fountain "Triton". They look creepy, don't they? I wouldn't want to swim in the sea with such horrible creatures!

The following interesting fountains - "Lion cascade". It is built as if it resembles a Greek colonnade or Roman baths. Next to the fountain there are two sculptures of lions. Most interesting is that each of the parties views of the cascade unique, though the structure is correct, the classic architectural shape.

That day we visited not all the fountains of Petrodvorets, because the territory of the Park complex is large enough and there are 147 active fountains.

Finally, we came to the Golden mountain cascade. There are almost no people here, because this place is on the far side of the Park. This complex is built in the likeness of the fountain at the Palace of kings of France in Marly-Le-ROI. There are many marble sculptures and beautiful views around.

Photos taken with camera CANON EOS 50D, TAMRON 28-75mm lens

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