Val'quirico, a unique town in Mexico - A dog adventure

Before my knee surgery, I went with my Boxer dog Begoña and a friend of mine to a Medieval town in the state of Puebla, Mexico called Val’quirico. The goal of Adolfo Blanca, the development director of this project, was to make this mexican town to resemble as much as possible yo the Italian Tuscany and the Spanish Segovia regions in Europe.

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The place is incredibly beautiful and it truly is a unique one at least in this region of Mexico. The alleys are paved giving the floor some sort of ancient vibes, the houses are made of wood and stones, and there are some shops where tourists and visitors can buy mexican handcrafts and artisan pieces such as alebrijes, embroidered shirts and clothe accesories, ceramic plates and cups, bracelets and books.

Those who visit Val'quirico can also grab a beer in one of the restaurants and bars around and admire the view. It is exactly in the downtown part of this little project where people can find restaurants such as la route des vins, bistrino, meson de los reyes, out of Africa, la bottega, la encomienda, la mostaza, meson del taurino, tripoli, chepina and a small coffee shop called vainilla chocolate.

I had a very good time and it was such a fun time, except for an incident we went through. We were having a beer in one of the places farthest away from all the people, practically a hidden spot. I was chilling and drinking my beer with my friend and we left Begoña right next to us, strapped to a chair but not tied - we felt like we didn't need to, nobody was around and she was calm and tranquil, besides she is not the type of dog that runs away or tries to explore, she just stays next to me all the time. But then, in a matter of seconds a couple with a medium size dog came out of a door and the dog stopped, stared at Begoña and showed his teeth; Begoña became nervous and uneasy and in a second, she stood up, ran towards him and attacked him without hesitation nor announcement. She subyugated him in a second because he was smaller, she never bit him but obviously the other dog started whining and crying. I stood up rapidly and tried to lift Begoña while trying to avoid the mess and the teeth, I grabbed her backlegs and pulled her and I was able to bring her back to our table and check for any injury. My friend went to the couple to try and check if their dog was fine.

Luckily, Begoña didn't have a single scratch and the other dog, besides the scare, was completely fine. The thing is, the other couple was mad as hell, I remember the woman was shouting things at me and Begoña, saying stuff like "what an aggressive dog", "you shouldn't bring her if you know she is crazy" and things like that but anyway, of course I got mad at her because despite it being an accident and the last thing I wanted was my dog to start a fight and risk getting injured. Of course I understand her anger, they got scared and thought the worst could have happened to their dog. At one moment I thought the husband was going to hit my friend because of how angry he was, but honestly my friend was able to handle the situation and he calmed them to the point where they left.

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I adopted Begoña. One day I was driving around my hometown and I found her fly infested, malnourished and full of injuries from fights with stray dogs; you could definitely tell she was a house dog that got abandoned by some careless ex-owners. I took her to the vet and after a nice shower and some cares, I introduced her to those who would be part of her new dog pack. I have no idea what Begoña went through, but I can imagine how much she suffered and how she was treated by other dogs, so maybe that's why she gets like that when she sees other unknown dogs and those dogs stare at her and act aggressive.

Every time this happens I punish her and nag her, so she knows that's not a good behavior, I even enrolled her in a good manners course but it wasn´t enough, she just learned to sit down and lay down, but she is still a bad girl around strange dogs.

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This was my day in Val'quirico, I hope you liked the pics and I wish that when you come to Mexico you visit Puebla, and if you do, now you know Val'quirico is a must visit place!

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