The Day-to-Days - Just booked a spontaneous trip to Prague! Bring on the tips!

Let's bring on the hidden gems and amazing suggestions!

I am super excited to leave for Prague in a few hours. It was a super spontaneous decision, which makes it even better.

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I am sorry for the low activity these past weeks, guys :( A lot had been going on but it's all slowly coming all back together, including my urge to post again! I will soon publish a post about what has been going on in my life <3

Anyway! I am going to Prague this weekend! Weather is supposed to be okayish. I've been there maybe 10 years ago with my family, and ofcourse I do not remember much of it. Therefore, I would love to hear all of your suggestions. From clubs to food, local snacks, anything!

I can't wait to be back and go full STEEM ahead on posting. I love you guys <3


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My name is Shannon, I am a digital designer. Born and raised in Amsterdam, living in Berlin.
I write about travel, Steemit, design, food, life and any thoughts I have!

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