Sjennon almost didn't see Spain - Have you ever missed your flight?

I woke up. With hazy vision and heavy eyelids I looked at my phone

07:30. Damn, that's early.

Let me just close my eye..- wait. Isn't my flight leaving at-..... God fucking shithshitshitSHIT.

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I jumped out of bed and looked at my bag which was supposed to be packed. I had done laundry the night before which wasn't dry at the time. I rushed over to my drying rack and grabbed and flung the first things I saw which seemed necessary. Underwear.. Pants.. Shorts and tanktop? I tossed them quickly in my bag, closed it and booked Uber as I was jumping around my living room trying to put on pants.

I left 10 minutes after I woke up and I looked like shit.

"Tegel Airport?"
"Yes, can you please hurry? I am very late for my flight."

And he went off. Took a detour and ended up driving 70km/h where he was allowed 80km/h. This is not hurrying up pal. I texted my colleagues - freaking out.

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Once arrived at the airport, I dragged my bag out of the car. No tip for you, cab driver. You could've done so much better. Very disappointing.

I hurried through security, asking people if I could just go in front of them because of my flight. They let me. I ran to the gate and...

"Can I please still come in?"
"No, the plane has left."
"I see it standing right there." (Seriously, it was right in front of my face).
"Oh. Yes, but the door are about to close."

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I walked away - defeated. My lungs were burning from the running (because my stamina is amazing) and I was simply stressed out. Couldn't I join the company trip to Malaga now?

The plane stood there for another solid 30 minutes because they have to wait for fuel. Motherfuckers.

Luckily, our company had booked two different flights and two people had cancelled to join - therefore there was a seat for me! They managed to re-book me to the second flight which was two hours later. I was just simply happy that there was another solution.

So I made the last one :D


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